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Women's Regular Program 2019 please scroll down to see all photos

13    Beth, Loryn, Anna on sofa in WH Sh

Laughing after recalling the events of the day

21    092.JPG

Reflecting during Native American presentations. 

5    20190613_135743(0).jpg

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

17     026.JPG

Wildlife Observation 


Individual Presentations on various subjects relevant to YNP

9     058.JPG

US Forest Service 2 person saw

7     019.JPG

US Forest Service Demonstrations

23     20190612_104258.jpg

Thermal feature discovery day

25     041.JPG

Native American Day

7    163.JPG

Recognition at end of Program

9     174.JPG
5     160.JPG

Recognition at end of Program

Recognition at end of Program

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