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The Will's Hope Annual Fundraising Dinner is 14 Nov 2024 (Thursday) at 5 PM.  This dinner is for the public, interested persons, supporters, prospective participants and participants from both the Young Adults with Disabilities & Veterans' Programs.  



Will's  Hope  Annual Fundraiser & Informational  Dinner 14 November 2024

The WH Annual Dinner will start at 5:00 PM on 14 November 2024 at the social hall for St Joseph Church 1830 South Corona Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80905.   The businesses listed below supported the dinner in November 2023.  Please consider supporting these businesses. The dinner includes guest speaker(s) & videos of this year's young adult & veterans' programs.  Come & support our young adults & veterans! There will be plenty of door prizes. 

                 Please RSVP to Sarah Squire 719-210-5808 by 13 November 2024.

The Colorado Springs' Businesses below supported our 9 November 2023 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser.  Please consider supporting them.

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