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The Will's Hope Annual Fundraising Dinner is 9 Nov 2023 (Thursday) at 5 PM.  This dinner is for the public, interested persons, supporters, prospective participants and participants from both the Young Adults with Disabilities & Veterans' Programs.  



Will's  Hope  Annual Fundraiser & Informational  Dinner 9 November 2023

The WH Annual Dinner will start at 5:00 PM on 9 November 2023 at the social hall for St Joseph Church 1830 South Corona Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80905.   The businesses listed below supported the dinner on 9 November 2023.  Please consider supporting these businesses. The dinner includes guest speaker(s) & videos of this year's young adult & veterans' programs.  Come & support our young adults & veterans! There will be plenty of door prizes. 

                 Please RSVP to Sarah Squire 719-210-5808 by 8 November 2023.

The Colorado Springs' Businesses below supported our 9 November 2023 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser.  Please consider supporting them.

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