Veterans' Programs 

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Summary of  WH Veterans' Program  - Veterans have many strengths & capabilities that can be overlooked by society.  This can lead some veterans to under appreciate their value to society.  Will's Hope (WH) is an opportunity to help veterans frame their life experiences & see their situation in a positive manner while helping energize them for the future. WH is an outdoor educational, growth & self-healing opportunity for veterans using the outdoors, nature and Native Americans as self-discovery and self-enabling mechanisms. This program is specifically tailored for veterans & presented commensurate with the abilities of the veterans.

                                                        2022 Programs 

    14 - 23 June 2022 - Veteran Women (1st time attending)


   26 June - 5 July 2022 - Veteran Men (1st time attending)


   8 - 18 July 2022 - Returning Veterans (those veterans that have       

  expressed interest in attending & attended pilot programs in 2021)

  Fees for 1st time attending veterans and returning veterans are 



      More info:  See documents below or call Mark Squire 719-210-5625


Will's Hope is recruiting 5-6 Veterans for each program.  This immersion program is an opportunity of a lifetime and will offer Veterans many benefits:

  • Learning about a diverse natural world from World Class instructors,

  • Experiencing Native American cultural & historical knowledge that is relevant to veterans,

  • Realizing that veterans' unique experiences are strengths,

  • Observing large mammal wildlife in their native habitat,

  • Bonding with other veterans,

  • Solitude in one of the most beautiful areas in the world,

  • Participating in many other outdoor oriented activities,

  • Learning in an engaging environment that significantly less than 1% of visitors to the Yellowstone region ever have an opportunity to experience. 


If interested in attending the Veterans' Programs please review the documents below.  If you think you may be interested it is important to get on our radar as soon as possible.  Applications are released after an informational briefing and we believe you are a good fit for the program.  We meet with applicants again after they have submitted their applications to answer any additional questions.  Pre-requisite training starts in April 2022.  We are also looking for volunteers for nurses/medics and mentors/social workers/counselors.  To learn how to apply for this unique world class opportunity and for the latest information please contact Mark Squire at 719-210-5625.  

                 2022 Brochure Will's Hope 

                   Veterans' Programs

2022 Will's Hope Summary of Programs for Veterans Rev 10

Expectations of Veteran Participants, Staff & Self-Assessment Rev 2

Point of Contact for the Veterans Program is Mark Squire 719-210-5625

Note:  Expenses for Will's Hope Program for Veterans come from a combination of veteran participant fees & grants.  Since October 2021 we have accepted donations from the public for veterans' programs.  Now, we ask donors to specify which program (young adults with disabilities or veterans) and donations received without a designation will be used to support both Young Adults with Disabilities and Veterans' Programs.