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          Young Adult Eligibility (partial list):

  • Ages 18 to 30+;

  • Has a diagnosis of emotional, cognitive, mental health issue and or related   disabilities/conditions, may have had/has an IEP;

  • Is able to follow instructions, is stable, language and behavior are appropriate;

  • Wants to attend Will's Hope, wants to learn;

  • Disabilities/condition affects self-esteem, self-confidence and may mask individual strengths;

  • May seem aloof and unable to engage peers and older adults;

  • Has a track record of good behavior;

  • Is able to hike at least 3 miles with an elevation gain of 600 feet and can help other participants during various activities;  

  • Will's Hope promotes independence, the building of self-confidence, self-esteem, & self-advocacy; as well as promoting individual passions & strengths;  

  • We currently have a limited capability for persons that also have physical disabilities;

  • Personnel attending the Advanced Programs must be able to hike 5 miles with an  elevation gain of 1,000 feet;  

  • The Advanced Program also requires higher academic skills than the regular Will's   Hope program;  

  • Advanced Program applicants must have successfully completed the regular Will's Hope Program and passed an interview prior to receipt of an application for the 2024 Programs. 


                                                          Please see "Resources" page/tab for more info.

Applications:  Applications for 2024 programs will be available in late December 2023 for the summer 2024 Programs.  Prior to receiving an application first time prospective participants are interviewed with the family/caregiver to determine if they are eligible.  Eligible persons then complete an application.  After review of the application a second interview is conducted.  Acceptance is based on the individual having an acceptable application and passing the second interview.  Contact Sarah Squire at 719-210-5808 for any questions.  Returning participants must also be interviewed prior to receipt of an application.   


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