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Veterans please see program information on the Veterans tab by clicking the button above


General Schedule (for  Young Adult Programs)

November:                            Annual Informational Dinner and Fundraising Event 10 November 2022 


December:                             Inform Will's Hope if you are interested in summer 2023 Programs

Dec 2022 - Feb 2023           Screening, interviews, applications completed, training begins Feb 2023

15 Feb 2023                           Applications due from participants, mentors, nurses and staff

March, April:                        Training & other preparatory activities

August 2023                          Program Execution - Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem 

                   Please see the "Resources" page for additional information & if you have questions


                     For the latest information or to enquire if there are still openings please contact:


                                                                   Sarah Squire 719-210-5808.

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