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Young Adult Program Highlights: The outdoors, nature and Native Americans are the mechanisms for educational and fun opportunities which sets the stage for growth and self-development opportunities.  Mentors provide positive reinforcement throughout all activities.  Each participant is given multiple opportunities to do various activities such as a nightly newscast, presentation of a topic of interest and other activities in front of video cameras, peers and mentors. Bonding, peer interaction and group activities strengthen social skills and self-confidence as well as giving each individual an opportunity to see their uniqueness and the good in themselves as well as the good in the world. Participants are given multiple opportunities to recognize the positive behavior of others.  Positivity permeates the program.

From the 2015 Program J.W. said "... it really helps you and them to see themselves in a different way... a more positive way".

From the 2018 Program E.H. said "...I can do anything I want and succeed."

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