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                                                  Volunteer Opportunities


If you are interested in being a volunteer for the young adults with disabilities programs we are looking for mentors, nurses and an outreach coordinator.  If interested, please look at the mentor materials on the "Resources" page/tab as they serve as the baseline information pertinent to all volunteers.  There are training activities in the months prior to the summer programs that the mentors and nurses  must participate in.  In many cases the volunteers get more out of the programs than the young adults.  Mentors and a nurse accompany each program.   Additional programs may be scheduled in the summer of 2023, if there is sufficient interest by qualified young adults.   If you are interested in learning more please contact Sarah Squire at 719-210-5808. 

For Veterans' Programs - we need volunteers for medics/nurses and counselors/social workers. Veterans' Programs point of contact is Mark Squire at 719-210-5625.

Outreach Coordinator - this volunteer can be an older adult or one of the young adults that has participated in the Advanced Will's Hope Program.  This position is in the Colorado Springs/Colorado region.  Please contact Sarah Squire at 719-210-5808 for more information.

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